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Chocolate Skate Decks

Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Chocolate Skate Decks

Chocolate skateboards give you the best bang for your buck. These boards are responsive, have great pop and are strong enough to handle any tricks you throw at the skate park. The hardest part about purchasing a Chocolate skateboard is choosing which deck art best suits your personality.

The Chocolate brand is part of the Girl Distributors conglomerate. Both companies were started by the same founders with Chocolate following a year after Girl was formed. Although the companies are similar and produce boards, apparel and accessories for skating they have separate professional teams. Chocolate team riders each endorse their own deck design. Team members for both Chocolate and Girl often appear at competitions or in videos together.

You can choose a deck with typical hard core skate art or just a plain Chocolate logo. Click here to see the decks. You can also get one of the team member endorsed decks bearing the profile of the rider as the artwork. If you can’t get enough of your favorite team member this might be the deck for you.

Chocolate skate decks are made with the industry standard 7 layer construction technique. Layers of maple are bonded together creating a bomb-proof board with tons of pop. This is the deck you want for all day ollies and grinds in your favorite park.

If a day at the skate park just isn’t going to cut it grab your cruiser for some around town skating. Longboard cruisers are built to get you moving. Cruisers are a little longer than a regular skateboard and have grip-happy wheels perfect for negotiating the rough surface of the street. These boards aren’t as fast as a regular longboard but they hand out a more comfortable, reliable ride for overall transportation. Think of cruisers as the middle man board in between skateboards and longboards.

Chocolate skateboards have a proven history of performance, reliability and style. These are solid, all around boards for both beginners or experiences riders. Whether you’re just learning to ollie or whether you’re a professional park junkie Chocolate boards are the best.