The Document Package

The Document Package will equip you with skateboard coach hiring and job description information, as well as instructor criteria guidelines you can follow to create your own program.

Also included are program documents you can modify and use for your needs, such as skateboard program waivers, skateboard event and program ideas, contest organizer’s guide and judges forms, among many others. A basic outline of our skateboard teaching curriculum will be offered, as well as web access to new information on our website,

Document Package: This downloadable package of PDF files and Word documents includes all the documents and forms, job descriptions and skatepark safety guidelines that you need for your programs. They are downloadable and can be modified to work with your own documents that you currently use. The package includes the Skateboard Coaches Job Descriptions and Hiring Guidelines, Skateboard Lesson Curriculum, Contest Organizer Package, and many other useful ones!

Also on our website will be updated information on skatepark maintenance, including prevention of graffiti, encouraging skatepark stewardship, multi-use issues, after-school mentoring programs and funding of skateboard programs.

These helpful documents are included in the downloadable pack.

1. How do skaters learn to skateboard?
2. Skateboard Programs and Skatepark Stewardship
3. Types of Skateboard Programs
4. 8 Hour Skateboard Curriculum
5. Skatepark Guidelines for Skaters
6. Letter to Skateboard Parents
7. Skatepark Maintenance and Management Guidelines
8. Skateboard Coach Job Description – Instructor Standards
9. Skateboard Programs Waiver
10. Skateboarder Contact Info sheet
11. Competition Guidelines and Judges Scoresheet

UPDATE: The Concrete Fundamentals coaches manual is in draft form, and is currently included with the Document Package purchase. It’s being developed further – get it in its early non-illustrated stage now, free, by getting the Doc Pack.

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