Skateboarding's fun for young ones too!

Skateboard Programs offers scheduled and unscheduled skateboard coaches clinics, including training on safety, group handling, youth sports teaching concepts, and hands-on practice with teaching skateboard fundamentals.

Skateboard Coaches Training Clinic

This training clinic is designed to get your coaches on the right track when it comes to teaching the fundamental skills in the skatepark environment safely. Covering skateboarding skills, teaching and communication, working with kids, and class handling skills, our curriculum develops good teachers. Skateboarding tricks are based around some concrete fundamentals. Starting with those, anyone can learn to skate in the park safely and progress easily every day. Outlined in our Concrete Fundamentals book, our program starts with these to branch into more complex skateboarding skills.

Angus and Nick

Coming out of the clinic, your coaches will be ready to teach lessons, direct skateboard camps, and provide a safe, quality community service for your young skateboarders.

Price: $200 per coach.
Length: 5 hours, 9am – 2pm
Needs: skateboard, any necessary safety equipment
Schedule: Call us if you can use a Training Clinic!
[call or email for details]

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