A crew skates at Highlands Ranch

There’s lots of information here for Parents, Skaters, Coaches, and any skateboarding advocates.

What We Do at SBP

We can help you create a self-managing skateboard program for your public skatepark. We’ll talk to you about skateboarders and what type of person makes a good teacher and skatepark spokesperson. Regarding hiring and training of your future coaches, we’ll walk you through the process. You can create skateboard lessons for kids from ages 5 and up, after-school mentoring programs, and schedule skate trips for the older teens, utilizing local and not-so-local skateparks for weekly or monthly skateboard adventures. Using our framework, you can create any kind of skateboard program you like.

We’re experts at:

  • Hiring and Training Skateboard Coaches
  • Skateboard Teaching and Coaching
  • Skatepark Management (design, vandalism, multi-use issues)
  • Organizing Contests and Events (planning, scheduling, promoting, and running)
  • Skatepark Maintenance (repair and upkeep)
  • Mentoring Programs and Fundraising Events
Lunchtime in the shade

This is Gregg Davis and Angus Morrison here. We want to give back to the sport we love, and help the kids who want to skate too. Our goal is to help get as many beneficial skatepark and skateboard programs going as possible. We’ll consult with you for free, on the phone or via email, to get you going in the direction you need. Below we have other resources, too.

Skateboard Programs also offers scheduled and unscheduled skateboard coaches clinics, including training on safety, group handling, youth sports teaching concepts, and hands-on practice with teaching skateboard fundamentals. You can send your skateboard instructor to an inexpensive clinic designed to get them prepared to run safe, fun, and popular programs at your skatepark.

We also offer The Concrete Fundamentals, a skateboard coaches manual, learning tool, and web-based, evolving skateboard-teaching resource.

Document Package: This downloadable package of PDF files and Word documents includes all the documents and forms, job descriptions and skatepark safety guidelines that you need for your programs. They are downloadable and can be modified to work with your own documents that you currently use. The Package includes the Skateboard Coaches Job Descriptions and Hiring Guidelines, Skateboard Lesson Curriculum, Contest Organizer Package, and many other useful ones!

You probably have a resource of good skateboard coaches and mentors using your park right now. We’ll show you how to spot them and let them steward your skatepark and its programs through our coaches clinics and Skateboard Programs materials.