Angus and Nick

Skateboard Programs can help with every facet of skatepark management, but especially in the areas of creating community programs like skateboard lessons, camps, clinics, clubs, and fun skate trips for the older teens.

Having managed skatepark and recreation department skateboard programs since 2000, Angus Morrison and Gregg Davis have years of experience in working with kids, teaching, and managing learning environments. We want your skatepark to thrive with events, participation, and self-management by its users. We’ve seen it happen in Summit County, and can make it work in your community.

Angus Morrison


Skating since 1984 in North Carolina, Angus moved to Colorado in 1996 to pursue his snowboard fantasy. He found Colorado blossoming with new concrete bowls and parks in 1997. Skating the first bowl in Durango, built in 1997 rekindled his love for skateboarding, and in 1999 the Breckenridge skatepark was remodeled with a combi-bowl. Angus began skating with the kids a lot and teaching, meeting Gregg in 1999 and hatching the idea of Skateboard Programs.


Gregg Davis


Gregg grew up skating Southeast Pennsylvania in the 80’s, and moved to Breckenridge, Colorado in 1992, teaching snowboarding and becoming one of the top instructors in the American Association of Snowboard Instructors over the years. In 1999 the new Breckenridge Bowl allowed Gregg to skate every day and develop teaching and coaching ideas. Meeting Angus, the two teamed up to start the Breckenridge Skate Camp in 2000.