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Craziest tricks in slow motion

Slow Motion tech – see what really happens

This three-minutes of seeing what Zach really does with his board, real-time is faster than the naked eye. Watch through to the end to see each trick at full speed.



Skateboard Art show displays hundreds of decks

Mike McGill’s original pro model graphic

CNN profiles a skateboard deck art show, complete with a retrospective on past designs stretching back to the first decks printed with artwork, all the way to used and thrashed decks. Atlanta, GA, and maybe traveling. Great video!


Skateboarding these days is crazy!

PLG kickflip in

This Forward Slash video confirms that skateboarding is going in unprecedented directions, unpredictably surprising even the most experienced skateboarders. Watch this several times to get the full impact of modern skateboarding in 2012. Totally Rad Dude.



Sunrise Video at Arvada

Bean Plant to Fakie

Mike Petersen of SixEleven Productions, Otto Pflanz and Chris Faronea (photos). Thanks Team Pain for posting a link to this on Facebook. It’s an awesome video, and these guys got up a 4am to get it done.

Sunrise from goodie pocket films on Vimeo.

Steve Caballero wins Pro-Tec Pool Part Masters Division

Steve Caballero, with his classic style of smith grind.

I’ve always loved how Steve Caballero does his smith grinds. They’re all the way on top, grinding the rail, infused with style. I first saw him do them in the original Bones Brigade video Show, 1984. I used to watch it on VHS every morning before school. Sometime, I’ll post a shot of one of the smith grinds from that video.

Here, check out Cab’s winning runs from the Upland Pipeline replica pool in Orange, CA. So smooth, it may make you sick. Be careful. Brush twice to be sure.