New Slow Motion Video

Redlake N3 High Speed Camera

Adam Shomsky has done it again, this time revealing a quick view of his Redlake N3 High Speed camera setup. I clipped this still from his video, which continues Adam’s tradition of editing smooth slow motion video of styley skating and chill music. Jesse’s kickflips are some of the best, and the slow motion footage shows just how he does them. My favorite in this video might be his kickflip blunt to fakie kickflip out. Sick!


Steve Caballero wins Pro-Tec Pool Part Masters Division

Steve Caballero, with his classic style of smith grind.

I’ve always loved how Steve Caballero does his smith grinds. They’re all the way on top, grinding the rail, infused with style. I first saw him do them in the original Bones Brigade video Show, 1984. I used to watch it on VHS every morning before school. Sometime, I’ll post a shot of one of the smith grinds from that video.

Here, check out Cab’s winning runs from the Upland Pipeline replica pool in Orange, CA. So smooth, it may make you sick. Be careful. Brush twice to be sure.


A slow-motion tribute to Ryan Gaynier

Adam Shomsky again captures a whole lot of tricks in Slow-motion. Unfortunately, Ryan passed away recently, but Adam has created a really excellent tribute to him here. You can see Ryan’s style, and especially his technique, as he performs a ton of flip tricks, grinds and slides. Rest in peace, Ryan. I hope some folks can learn something from your movements in life captured here.


OMG The variety!

OMG The variety!

Have you ever wanted to get into a hobby that you though was just too expensive? Well if you are anything like me and always looking for a great deal but don’t want to sacrifice quality, just because its a great “deal”. I recommend you come and visit here, especially if you are a snowboarding junkie. They have awesome quality products at an affordable price. They also have brands that everybody are familiar with that are fantastic. Such brands as Electric sunglasses, not only do they look spectacular but they are also affordable. Now, if this brand is not your cup of tea how about some Dragon sunglasses? These sunglasses have more of a “normal” sunglasses look instead of a goggle look to them but have the same functionality. There is a vast variety within everything as well. Different colors and sizes which can meet just about anybodies needs.

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Jason Smith, my childhood skate buddy and best friend for the last 30 years, started Grip Gum 10 years ago. A local Breckenridge company, Jason talks about how he started and other skateboarding topics.

Physics in Skateboarding: 720 flip in slow motion

Adam Shomsky captures and edits an excellent 720 double kickflip – courtesy youtube.


Trevor Jacob, snowboarder

Trevor Jacob accomplished a world’s first yesterday when he did a cork double backflip at Woodward PA.

Courtesy of

Skating is Playing. Learning is Fun.


Skating’s gotta be fun. It’s playing. That’s why learning it is so unlike learning other sports, with the drills, practice, lessons and other stuff that’s more a part of school than a sport. In skateboarding, trial and error is a big part of learning, but that doesn’t mean coaching can’t be part of it.

The “error” in trial-and-error style learning is actually the best mind training there is. As Daniel Coyne talks about in “The Talent Code,” making small errors and detecting them is actually the best type of rehearsal and practice a person can do – whether it’s for a sport, a musical instrument, or any activity. By detecting small mistakes safely and re-trying multiple attempts at a movement, we train our brains to do it effortlessly. That’s the secret behind muscle-memory and true mastery.

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Starting Kids Out Skateboarding

A great stance, and a real skateboard

If you’re looking to safely start your son or daughter out skateboarding, here are 5 tips to get you going in the right direction. While these are common-sense tips for most skateboarders, as a non-skateboarding parent you might not realize that you can easily make some common mistakes when getting your young skater started.

  • Buy a real skateboard. You may think that to invest one-third or half of what skateshops charge for a complete skateboard is a good idea to start your son or daughter out skateboarding. Don’t do it! You could actually be messing them up. Toy skateboards from sporting goods stores have plastic wheels which are slippery and unpredictable, as well as plastic trucks that don’t turn as well. Even first-timers should have a real skateboard from a specialty shop.

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Parents – buying a skateboard for kids

Skateboarding's fun for young ones too!

Browsing the content from our coaches manual below, you’ll see that it’s easy to make the mistake of buying a “toy” skateboard at a big box store or sporting goods store. A new skater, especially those who are smaller in size, perhaps ages 4 through 8, can benefit from having a “real” skateboard, and one that’s sized-down. At a skateshop, you can find a “mini,” or a smaller skateboard for kids.

The biggest problem with the imitation skateboards you can find at non-skateshops, is that the trucks don’t turn as well as real skateboard trucks, and the bearings don’t spin as well. These two factors hinder the new skateboarder’s learning almost immediately, making it harder for them to learn how to turn the board. Kids on these “toys” will also form the bad habit of bracing against wheel that don’t roll freely, hindering their learning later, and promoting falls that could have been prevented had they been on a real skateboard from the beginning.

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